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How to Adjust in a New Environment


How to adjust in a new environment

When peoples move to a new environment, some peoples adjust easily in the new environment while some people takes time to adjust. Culture shock is not quite as shocking or as sudden as most people expect. It is part of the process of learning a new culture that is called, “cultural adaptation.” You may experience some discomfort before you are able to function well in a new setting. This discomfort is a natural stage in the adaptation process. Few tips to adjusting in a new environment mentioned below:
1. Have a look about your new environment in advance. If you are going to start a new job, study the website and any published materials you can find. Learn the names of those in leadership positions – executives, board members, and major stakeholders. Familiarize yourself with the stated values and language of the organization.
2. Decide the three qualities you want to be known for. For instance, you might want to be known for being upbeat, hardworking and a go-getter or you might prefer to be known for being calm, considerate, and detail-oriented. Being certain of your three top qualities will allow you to establish a strong platform early on.
3. Be polite to everyone. The person you push past may turn out to be the person who sits in next to you. The receptionist you ignore now may someday become your boss. Courtesy will pay you back with rich rewards.
4. Try to maintain relationships with parents and siblings at home while you are away by keeping in touch regularly. This assures people that you continue to care about them. You will be much busy getting settled and learning about your new environment, so it is essential that long periods between communications don’t alarm your family and friends at home.
5. Listen for the opportunities to connect and then share relevant information about yourself. If football comes up and you have tickets, let people know. If the water cooler topic is baking cookies and you make a mean chocolate chip, share it. Do not wait to be asked about yourself. It is your job to establish rapport.
6. If someone makes a remark that you find too insensitive to ignore, speak up. Open the lines of communication with that individual to express your concern. But remember, you have probably made one or two insensitive remarks in your own lifetime too, so stay cool and remember that it is always wise to give others the benefit of the doubt.
7. Try to speak at the same volume as those in your new environment. If it comprises loud or boisterous types, staying quiet can easily set you apart. On the other hand, if it tends to be more subdued, a loud voice may grate on the nerves. Studies show that people respond best to others who speak at the same volume as themselves. Your vocal volume is something that you can control, so pay attention to it.
8. If the transition involves a move to a new city, state or country, then get out and explore. The more you know your way around, the more comfortable you will feel.
9. Transitions are stressful so make sure you take care of yourself. Get plenty of sleep, eat well and exercise. It is not the time to crash in the middle of the day from too much sugar or not enough sleep. You want to be alert, refreshed and ready to rock.

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