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Vice Chancellor speaking about- Importance of Pharmacy Degree in India

Our Vice Chancellor and Dr Bharat Parashar (Dean of Pharmacy) have been covered by 17 News Papers on their views of “Importance of Pharmacy Degree in India”.

Pharmacy – A Most Rewarding Degree Today
With India becoming the pharmacy of the world and healthcare consumption set to rise dramatically, a degree in pharmacy assures lifelong flourishing career: VC, IEC University

With India becoming pharmacy of the world and Indian healthcare consumption set to rise dramatically, a degree in pharmacy has gained added prominence in today’s times. It not only assures immediate placement with reputed companies and large healthcare hospital chains but also provides the freedom to undertake a flourishing self-retail enterprise – becoming ‘Atmnirbhar’ – something that today’s generation cherish.
Talking to media, Dr Abhay Kumar, Vice-Chancellor of IEC University, said they have been witnessing a significant rise in the number of applicants for the pharma course. Dr Kumar points out that the reasons for this upswing are quite simple to explain.
“India is now the world’s pharmacy and supplies over 50% of world’s generic drug requirements and also 50% of global vaccine requirement. This is fulfilled by a large number of big Indian pharmacy companies who employs lakhs of skilled people and the demand for trained pharmacists has only been increasing. Trained pharmacists also eventually rise in career to take care of supply and export chains,” points out Dr Kumar.
Another important reason for pharmacy degree becoming more valuable is that India is set to see a quantum jump in healthcare consumption with Over-the-Counter (OTC) or non-prescription drugs gaining bigger prominence due to life-style and awareness changes, adds Dr Bharat Parashar, Dean and Professor, School of Pharmacy, IECU.
“This not only opens up huge employment and career opportunities but also permits a qualified pharmacist to start his own venture e.g owner and operator of his own pharma retail stores or chain.”
“I can confidently say that today, a degree in pharmacy is amongst the most assured and most rewarding qualification for today’s generation. For the next 30 years at least, India will keep witnessing a rise in demand for trained pharmacists. So, a life-long job security and career progression is assured,” added Dr Parashar.
Dr Parashar was happy to point out that all pharmacy graduates and post-graduates of IECU not only get 100% placement but are getting placed in very reputed companies. Some students have also become entrepreneurs and are employing people, helping the country becoming ‘Atmanirbhar’, he added.
IECU offers 60 seats in D.Pharma, 60 in B.Pharma, 18 in M.Pharma and 4 Ph.D seats each year.
About Indian Pharmacy Sector and Prospects:
India is the largest provider of generic drugs globally. India also supplies over 50 per cent of global demand for various vaccines; 40 per cent of generic demand in the US and 25 per cent of all medicine in the UK.
Indian pharmaceutical sector is expected to grow to USD 100 billion (Rs 7.5 lakh crore) by 2025. Pharmaceuticals export from India stood at USD 20.70 billion (Rs1.5 lakh crore) in FY20.
In addition, India is set to witness a big revival of traditional (Ayurveda) medicines.

Publishing Date: 06 & 07 August 2020
Headline: Pharmacy is a most rewarding Degree: Dr Abhay

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