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Career options with a degree in International Business


Career options with a degree in international business.

So now you want a degree and thinking of what and where to invest your brain and if your mind in thinking about having a degree in International Business then you are at a right place. There are many options to international business; therefore several questions are there in your mind:
What type business are you interested in? What type of job you want? How much you will travel? And many other questions.
So as you know that there are hundreds of options for every job therefore I will be listing top 5 International Business jobs.

1. Banking with International banks
Degree holders who are interested in banking, you have many choices with an international business degree and one of them is that you could work with a local bank with foreign accounts or at a foreign bank who work in your country.
When you are working with a bank you will get many options to from finance to banking to consulting. While some of these jobs need higher degrees or specialization, but they are still obtainable and lucrative.
2. International Economist
The job of an Economist is to study the market, then analyse, examine trends, and then make projectiles. So don’t think it’s an easy job. You will be dealing with an international organization as an international economist. You will be shown on an international level and not just domestically. Companies looking forward to enter it will use an international economist to watch the trends, examine economies, and make projections. And after examining everything you will decide the places the company is interested in doing business with or continuing. You will not be at this position by just entering the company, for this you will have to work hard and show the organization that you are the one leading the company.
3. Import/Export Customs
Both private sector and government sector have option for this job. Working independently is a dream for lots of people; well guess what! You can work for an international organization as a contractor. A specialist in this is known as compliance specialist (C.S) and C.S maintains the record of imports and exports within regulatory law, both private and international. The most lucrative jobs are found with the federal government.
4. An Accountant
If you are a business student and you found accounting interesting there then you can pursue a career as an international accountant. For this you usually need to have an MBA in accounting, just bachelor degree is not enough. Why you should opt this position because there is no standard GAAP in every country. The company will need your knowledge in knowing the various taxes, laws and currency exchanges. How to read and create financial statements for other countries’ laws and specifications will be a part of your job.
5. International Management Analyst
Also known as management consultant, these jobs are found everywhere domestically as well as internationally. They have to analyse company operations to look at efficiencies, study profit margins, and examine the company structure. This position involves some significant travels or living your life in a different country as you will be personally examining the segments of the organization in order to analyse its function.

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