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Career after MBA(Master of Business Administration)

Career after MBA

One of the prime questions which is asked by all MBA graduates is how to get a job after MBA? Or, What to do and what not to do after MBA? .The answer is simple. Because the answer solely depends on one factor. What are your expectations after MBA? Many students have a false notion that they want to start big and that they will get on top of the business chain soon. However, you should know that to get on top of the business chain, you will have to first learn the basics of the business. Hence it is more likely that you will join at the bottom of the business chain and then work your way to the top. For, that we firstly have to know what MBA is?


The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is an internationally-recognized degree designed to develop the skills required for careers in business and management. MBA today is being pursued by students of almost all streams as it is the need of an hour. The degree has gained more and more importance throughout the years.
One of the main advantage of MBA is it offers jobs in various sector vis-à-vis Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Manufacturing, Accounting and lot more.
Types of jobs after MBA
After doing MBA one can get a lot of career opportunity in various sectors whether it is Public Sector Job (PSU JOBS) or it is Private Sector Jobs.
Public Sector Jobs:-
Personnel Officer in Banks:-
The job function of a personnel officer could revolve around posting or transfer of employees, arranging training programmes, designing perks, conducting promotional exercises, retirement benefit disbursal and supervising the performance of staff.
Marketing Officer in Banks:-
Banking sector is seeing a tremendous growth and competition. To stand this competition, marketing comes into function.
Management Trainee Position in various PSU’s:-
A management trainee is a person who undergoes training for supervisory or managerial positions. Criteria are based on merit or on entrance, which could be conducted by few PSUs.
General Manager Posts at Various PSU’s and Banks: –
Private Sector Jobs: –
Management position in various Private Banks.
Jobs in Logistics and Shipping management.
Human Resource Manager in Various Private firms.
Marketing Manager in various sector vis-à-vis Hospitality, Media, FMCG departments.
As a chief technology officer, Business Development Manager, Systems analysts in Various IT Firms.

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