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About Us

In view of addressing the need to have an educational system which supports innovation, research-driven academic programmes, recruitment, development & retention of outstanding faculty, world-class yet affordable education to increase students’ employability and improve career prospects, VEF has come up with IEC University at Atal Shanti Kunj in Baddi, district Solan, Himachal Pradesh

IEC University aims to deliver multi-disciplinary world class education through effective and efficient processes so as to make it accessible to all sections of society.

Sprawling over 14.5 acres and situated on the foothills of beautiful Shivalik Mountains, the University campus is an escape from the madding crowd. Lined with lush green trees, beautifully landscaped gardens and magnificently designed buildings with state-of-the-art facilities, IEC experience is truly international.

The heart of the IEC campus is its Academic block which houses two floored Digital library, acoustically designed auditorium, 80 lecture theatres, well equipped labs, Engineering workshops, Seminar Halls and a Computer Center with 24X7  internet connectivity.
The University also has excellent support facilities like canteen, gymnasium, health care center, sports complex, transportation facility, Banks, ATMs, Post office & Courier services, Residential facilities for staff, Hostels, Students Activity Center (SAC) and Hobby clubs.


At IEC we appreciate that the end goal of every educational institute is to groom students to handle Industry problems which increases their employability. At IEC we have created a proper mix of the four important modes of learning in the curricula.

Classroom Learning—Teacher is an integral part of the education system. He or She knows what to deliver and how to do it best. So the first mode is learning through an expert.

Technologies to aid learning—To make the lecture more comprehensible and aid understanding, we have all the required technologies at place. This understanding is further increased through practicals. Doing something on your own improves your skills and understanding of the concepts. Hands on practice is what we believe in.

Bringing out their leadership skills—The next mode is to make the student play the lead role and to open up. This is done through seminars, conferences, GDs, Technical quizzes, what’s the good word and a lot more activities. These exercises help in improving their soft skills including confidence level which is very important for having a successful career.

The last or final mode is to nurture students’ innovative and creative capabilities- Industry related/ supported/ sponsored Projects where students work and are made responsible for the entire set of activities resulting in the acceptable solution/ model/ process under the guidance from teachers. This is the time when they apply their theoretical knowledge to real life scenarios. This exercise gives them an opportunity to test their own learning and makes them industry ready.

The University offers an extensive range of multi-disciplinary courses through the following schools.

  • IEC School of Engineering
  • IEC School of Computer Courses
  • IEC School of Commerce and Finance
  • IEC School of Social Sciences
  • IEC School of Business Management
  • IEC School of Foreign Languages
  • IEC School of Humanities
  • IEC School of Allied Disciplines

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